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Introducing Ella Delio

Ella DelioThe team and the World Resources Institute are pleased to introduce Ella Delio as a Senior Associate working with the Markets and Enterprise program (which includes

Ella has 8 years of relevant experience in enterprise and private sector development. Originally from the Philippines, Ella worked for Procter and Gamble and ran or helped run two businesses. When she came to the U.S., Ella obtained her MBA degree from the Harvard Business School and Masters in Public Administration degree from the Kennedy School of Government. During this time, she had internships at the Philippine Department of Trade & Industry and Booz Allen Hamilton.After graduate school, she worked with the Center for Women and Enterprise in Boston where she led the Springboard New England, a program which aimed to increase equity investments in high-growth, women-led businesses in the East Coast. In February 2007, she joined WRI as a consultant to the New Ventures project, helping to create an investor network in India. She is now a Senior Associate with Development Through Enterprise.

Ella joins the team, which now includes Allen, Bill, Ella, Rob, Julia, Nitin, Tayo, and Derek.? Read staff profiles and contact us individually via the About page.