Francisco Noguera

Introducing Social Entrepreneurs from GSBI 2008: Meet Christopher Benz, from CraftNetwork

CraftNetwork is opening the doors of fair trade and global markets to artisans around the globe. Christopher Benz, its founder and managing director, was part of this year’s Global Social Benefit Incubator at Santa Clara University.?

This project is,?in many ways, unique among similar e-commerce platforms. It provides enterprise development services to its artisans, helping them build managerial capacity and make the most out of their skills, and?also allows buyers and visitors to learn about the men and women behind the crafts, those you are supporting?by purchasing through the site.?This Kiva-like connection that has tremendous value for parties at both ends of the transaction.?

So here is Chris, whom I was able to catch on video during a?short?break between classes. I encourage you to visit CraftNetwork. You will certainly be delighted by the beauty of its products, maybe?coming up with a couple of gift ideas. But, most importantly, you will contribute to the growth of a?project that has great potential to expand from its current home in south east Asia, to supporting thousands of artisans living at the base of the pyramid all over the world.???