Rob Katz

Job Opportunity: Rwanda Investment Fund Seeks CEO

(Via Emeka Okafor and the International Private Enterprise Group)

Equity Investment Firm in Rwanda seeks a CEO to oversee all of its investments. The position is based in Kigali, Rwanda. The firm is investing $25-50 million of equity into a portfolio of companies based in Rwanda. The CEO will report directly to the firm’s board of investors and will be responsible for overseeing all corporate governance and financial reporting of the firm and its portfolio companies.The CEO will also be responsible for (i) developing strategic partnerships between the firm’s portfolio companies and other international companies and financing sources, (ii) negotiating the terms and structure of all investments, (iii) overseeing the management of all portfolio company investments, and (iv) overseeing due diligence on all potential investments. Qualified candidates must have experience negotiating and structuring complex transactions, managing equity investments, and developing international strategic partnerships. Candidates must speak English. Speaking French is helpful but not required.

Compensation will be commensurate with experience and qualifications, but will likely be in the range of a monthly salary of $8,000-10,000, car and housing allowances, and possibly some profit sharing.

Interested candidates should send CVs with cover letters to