Rob Katz

Job: Pakistan Portfolio Manager, Acumen Fund

Acumen Fund logoPosition: Pakistan Portfolio Manager

Location: Karachi, Pakistan

Organization: Acumen Fund is a global non-profit venture capital fund, focused on supporting the delivery of critical services – water, health, housing, energy – at affordable prices to the four billion people earning less than four dollars a day in India, Pakistan, and East Africa. Acumen Fund seeks to prove that small amounts of philanthropic capital, combined with large doses of business acumen, can build thriving enterprises that serve vast numbers of the poor. Acumen Fund has successfully impacted over 10 million lives so far, through over $30 million invested in South Asia and Africa. Its country offices in India, Pakistan and Kenya work closely with the New York team to identify and support local social enterprises. Through our investments we address problems of poverty using market based approaches, demonstrating that there is a role for patient capital, intensive management assistance, and knowledge sharing at the base of the pyramid. Since 2001, Acumen Fund has functioned under a philanthropic capital model, raising donations to fund investments in enterprises that deliver health, water, housing or energy to the poor. In 2008, we launched an invested capital fund that will operate side by side with our philanthropic fund, making investments in enterprises that support the poor.

Description: The Pakistan Portfolio Manager will play a senior role within Acumen Fund Pakistan office, working closely with the Pakistan Country Director to develop and manage Acumen Fund’s investment portfolio in Pakistan. The Pakistan Portfolio Manager will also work with other members of Acumen Fund’s global portfolio team to identify, analyze and structure prospective investments as well as play a leadership role in ongoing management and technical assistance for existing investments in Pakistan. Additionally, the Portfolio Manager will also play a key role in business development, working with the Country Director to develop and manage key partnerships in the country, as well as attracting Talent towards Acumen Fund and our investees. The Portfolio Manager will report to the Pakistan Country Director.

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