Rob Katz

Job: Search and Selection Associate, Endeavor

Position: Search and Selection Associate

Location: New York

Organization: Founded in 1997, Endeavor works with High-Impact Entrepreneurs in Latin America, the Middle East, South Africa, and India. High-Impact Entrepreneurs are operating for-profit businesses with enormous growth potential. Endeavor supports these entrepreneurs by providing access to mentors, strategic advice, management talent, capital, and inspiration. In turn, these entrepreneurs create jobs and wealth in their countries. To date, Endeavor has selected 406 High-Impact Entrepreneurs running 266 companies. These entrepreneurs have created over 86,000 jobs and, in 2007, $2.51BB in revenues.

Description: As a Search & Selection Associate, this person will be involved in a core part of Endeavor’s model for identifying high-impact entrepreneurs in emerging markets. Together with the Search & Selection Director and a small (2 person) S&S team, he/she will oversee and coordinate Endeavor’s globally-managed, locally-run Search & Selection process to screen and select new Endeavor Entrepreneurs. Based in Endeavor’s New York Headquarters, the individual will be working with staff and entrepreneurs throughout Latin America, South Africa, the MENA region, and India.

For more information, including how to apply, please see the attached job description.