Abigail Keene-Babcock

Jobs: AMGlobal Consulting, Emerging Markets Consultancy


AMGlobal Consulting currently has two postings for entry-level positions:

Research Consultant

This position is a perfect entry-point for an undergraduate or recent graduate student interested in learning how to work with Emerging Markets, Corporate Social Responsibility and the Bottom of the Pyramid (BOP) issues, providing the opportunity for close work with AMG executives and clients.

Administrative Assistant

This is a unique and outstanding learning experience — a great fit for undergraduate or recent graduate student — as the candidate will learn basic and in-depth business practices on the job from executives with decades of international experience.


$15 – $20/hr, 8 – 10 hrs/week.

AMGlobal Consulting is based in Washington, DC.

For more information on these positions and application instructions please download the attached files.