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Nairobi, Kenya
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As a Project Lead, you will be responsible for expanding their services and strengthening their project pipeline in Nairobi, advising clients and managing Results-Based Financing, Performance Management, and other projects from beginning to end. You will coach clients through difficult, yet important, adaptations of their practices, coordinate the project team to deliver high-quality, socially impactful work, establish and monitor work-plans, and be accountable for the results of projects. You will be challenged to balance and strategize around the triple constraints of quality, time, and budget in their project work.
You will be an integral part of Instiglio’s Management, advising clients on important decisions and helping Instiglio as an organization to make smart and effective decisions on growth, strategy, and sustainability. With the high-level support of the partners and implementation support of the project teams, you will be strategizing the vision to reach short- and long-term project goals. As a Manager, you will also be an ambassador for Instiglio’s mission and work globally.

Mastering all elements of Results-Based Financing and Performance Management advisory work to effectively advise technical decisions in projects.
Actively improving their Results-Based Financing and Performance Management services and their delivery approaches.
Developing from scratch technical components of Results-Based Financing and Performance Management instruments, assessing the considerations and trade-offs unique to each design.
Developing and managing project scope and budget, and adjusting and course-correcting to meet execution needs.
Leading the day-to-day work plan, overseeing the project team to ensure that they reach short- and long-term targets.
Monitoring and understanding all project details, including complex technical concepts.
Designing and delegating activities and tasks to achieve the most effective results within the team.
Coordinating and motivating project teams and assigning tasks and responsibilities based on individual strengths.
Business Development
Building strong relationships and managing multi-stakeholder partnerships.
Engaging in Business Development activities to build Instiglio’s pipeline.
Client Management and Advisory
Communicating Results-Based Financing and Performance Management in an eloquent and approachable manner for diverse stakeholders.
Actively improving their Results-Based Financing and Performance Management services and their delivery approaches.