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Recity Network Pvt Ltd
Pondicherry, India
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Core Responsibilities: • Liaison with the Government and Political Cadre at the City, State and Union Territory Level • Create Value Propositions and Obtain the Required Permissions from the Administration at every Stage of the Project for its Smooth Implementation • Create Stage, Month, Week wise Plans & Strategies along with the Team • Accomplishment of Quarterly Milestones/ Targets with Team to deliver the requirements of the Administration and Client and Implement Waste Management Project at Puducherry

Daily Responsibilities: • Conduct Project Update and Strategy Meetings at Municipal and State Level to update the achievements achieved and challenges faced during the Project and obtain buy – ins from the Administrators • Build Rapport & Obtain Buy-ins of the Local Political Cadre to effectively Streamline Waste Services • Conduct Daily Debriefs with the Team Members to obtain update of Daily Targets achieved, challenges faced by the Team and Plan for the Next Day • Create Daily Plan and Targets for Team to achieve Weekly Targets • Foster Learning Environment for New Skills and Growth of Team Members consisting of Supply Chain Lead, Community Lead, Tech On Field Lead and 20 Volunteers • Mobilize and Leverage Stakeholder Networks of Local NGOs, Hotel, Trade, Religious Associations, Influencers and Media to have effective Project Impact and Outreach

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Tamil language skills mandatory.