Derek Newberry

Links Roundup: BP, Branding, and Miscellany

Some links for you to kick the post-lunch worklinks slump:

  • BP innovates for the BoP
    Via Perspective 2.0, an article on Oorja – a BP stove that runs on biomass pellets instead of wood, which is a more common fuel source for cookstoves in rural India… sounds very much like that of an SME in China; our own New Ventures entrepreneur Yunnan Zhenghong. Read and compare for yourselves!
  • Going green as a strategic risk
    Via PSD Blog – E&Y reports on the risk companies face in not going green right now – not inherently BoP related, but it made me wonder whether major reports exist on the business risk of not productively engaging BoP markets…
  • Purchasing patterns on unpredictable incomes
    Another hit from Perspective 2.0: Niti Bhan gives a rundown of the four types of buying patterns at the BoP.
  • Is Africa misbranded? wonders whether the intense focus on Africa as a destination for charity has negatively branded it as a basket case, and explores possibilities for rebranding the continent.
  • Social entrepreneurs seek new investment to reach a ?tipping point’
    Via Rob’s post at Acumen Fund Blog a Chronicle of Philanthropy article on the tipping point entrepreneurs are looking for in terms of widely available investment capital – similar to the tipping point microfinance is reaching today.