Scott Anderson

New Faces and a New Way to Subscribe to NextBillion: We’re launching a new e-newsletter

Whether it’s by RSS, Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn or Google+, or Google Currents app, there are plenty of ways to keep in touch with NextBillion’s blog posts, news items, events and jobs. Today, we’re offering one more with the NextBillion e-newsletter.

Our first email newsletter will go out in December, and you can sign up clicking on the button on the homepage and entering your email address. That’s it.

The e-newsletter will highlight the most-read and most-commented posts, as well as key social enterprise events and competitions from the calendar, Featured Jobs, and other news and info important for NextBillion’s readership.

We will not share your email addresses with any advertisers or marketers. And we know the real estate in your email inbox is precious, so we will not inundate you with daily updates. We’re planning to send it out once per month. So please signup now, it’s free and couldn’t be easier.

You also may have noticed some new faces on the NB team, so I’m happy to make the formal introductions.

First off, Fernanda Tambelini has joined as the new editor of NextBillion Brasil. She has extensive experience as a journalist covering small business and entrepreneurship.

She’s written for the business magazine Pequenas Empresas & Grandes Negócios where she covered business management, social entrepreneurship and sustainability and also worked in corporate communications. Tambelini has a journalism degree from Caspér Líbero Social Communications School and a masters degree in Environmental Health at University of São Paulo. She works as freelance journalist in addition to her role at NextBillion Brasil.

I’m also excited to announce two new staff writers. Kyla Springer, program manager for Global Envision, a market focused blog managed by Mercy Corps. has joined our team. Springer has written thought-provoking posts on how microinsurance companies are responding in Haiti and has delved into market development for solar lighting in Uganda. She also has helped to bring some very strong insights from several Mercy Corps experts and eager interns across a variety of fields to NextBillion’s pages. Check out Mercy Corps’ sub-blog on NextBillion here and discover more on Global Envision.

Also joining is Gary Goldman, a research associate with the DevInfo Support Group, which provides fast, open access to data on human development. DevInfo was endorsed by the United Nations Development Group to assist countries in monitoring achievement of the Millennium Development Goals. Goldman also co-founded the online publication Daily BR!NK, featuring up-and-comers from all ages and industries revolutionizing their respective fields. He earned a BA in International Relations Global Business from the University of Southern California and is originally from France. For NextBillion, Goldman has penned several in-depth posts on issues ranging from microfinance criticism and reform to enterprise development in his most recent article on maturation of Sanergy. You can follow him on Twitter @GaryGoldman.

Please join me in welcoming the new team members!