Sabina Ansari

New Leaders for a New Pakistan: In 2013 Acumen Fund launches an inaugural Pakistan Fellows Program

Pakistan is at a crossroads. It is the sixth largest country in the world by population, but over 60 percent of Pakistanis live on less than $2 USD per day. Myriad challenges stand in the way of Pakistan’s development – corruption, illiteracy, natural disasters, and an energy crisis just to name a few – and despite billions of dollars in foreign aid each year, these problems still manage to persist. The next phase of development in Pakistan must take a drastically different direction, a direction guided by a new generation of Pakistani leaders who are willing to challenge broken systems, who have the abilities to develop innovative solutions, who possess an unwavering moral compass, and who can see opportunity where others see only challenges.

Acumen Fund created the Pakistan Fellows Program to identify and train this next generation of leadership for Pakistan. We’ve just opened the application process for the inaugural class of Pakistan Fellows, and we will be accepting applications until 11:59 PM PST (Pakistan Standard Time) on Friday 28 Sept. 2012. Click here to start your application now!

The one-year program will bring together up to 20 leaders from all over Pakistan drawn from different regions, sectors, and socioeconomic backgrounds. Each selected Fellow will be driving a unique project with large-scale social impact inside an organization or as an entrepreneurial venture. Projects can address any issue area and can operate in any sector – non-profit, for-profit, or government.

The Pakistan Fellows Program begins in January 2013 and is structured like an “executive MBA” where Fellows remain in their jobs while participating in the program. Over the course of the year, fellows will attend four multiday seminars and two collaborative projects where they will work together to design and execute a regional trip and an innovation conference. If you think you have what it takes to be a Pakistan Fellow, we encourage you to apply now!

To learn more about the program or the application process, please visit our website. For questions, reach out directly to Also, please share this announcement to your followers on Twitter or your friends on Facebook!

The Pakistan Fellows Program is sponsored by JS Bank and the Edmond de Rothschild Foundations.

Sabina Ansari is the Pakistan Fellows Program manager at Acumen Fund.