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  • Motorola to sell phones for less than $40 in emerging markets, by Lucas van Grinsven

    Motorola will enter emerging markets with ultra low-cost mobile phones aimed at 3 billion consumers who cannot yet afford to make wireless calls, the U.S.-based handset maker said on Monday. The phones will be available for less than $40 and the company aims to sell 6 million units in the six months from April to September, said the GSM Association. ...

  • The Next Billion Customers

    While Western Europe rapidly approaches saturation, mobile opportunities in markets that were once considered too risky suddenly look quite attractive. But only smaller, lesser-known players with foresight seem to be in a position to profit from opportunities in countries like China, India, Ukraine, Russia, and Nigeria. Established operators like Vodafone find themselves left out. Story available here ....

    Red Herring
  • Making business for the poor: Innovative approaches can convert poverty into opportunity, says Ferda

    The report said that 4 billion bottom of the pyramid (BOP) people with a per capita income of less than $1500 a year provides multinationals and large local companies with an alternative market for their goods and services. A good example of a business ecosystem at work is Hindustan Lever Ltd., a major producer of personal care and food products in India. Its ecosystem includes 80 manufacturing factories, 150 small and medium enterprise suppliers employing up to 40,000 ...

    Financial Express
  • PC builders feel pull of developing world — For profit or charity, low-cost units target vast untap

    Under the code name Terra PC, Via plans to use its existing silicon to launch three classes of systems for service providers and systems integrators in China and India. They include full-fledged PCs with gigahertz processors selling for about $250 without a monitor and two versions of thin-client PCs-media stations using flash memory instead of hard drives and comms stations that handle basic browsing, VoIP and e-mail tasks for as little as $100 without a...

    Electronic Engineering Times
  • Report from Davos: Bridging the Digital Divide, by David Kirkpatrick

    Corporate leaders, government officials, and researchers at the conference shared ideas on how technology can improve the lives of the world’s poor Wiring developing countries-and its poorer citizens-has two virtues. First, since information is power, finding ways to get better information systems-think cellphones, PCs, PDAs, and yet-to-be-invented hybrids-to the world?s disenfranchised will give them greater political clout and financial opportunities. It?s the way to ...

  • From a handout to a hand up, by Alison Maitland

    For more than 40 years, Citigroup has supported micro-finance initiatives as a form of philanthropy. Last year, however, it decided to look at them as a business opportunity as well. It appointed a senior banker to develop services and products for micro-lending programmes, initially in Mexico and India. Full article available here. ...

    The Finacial Times
  • Microsoft bets on Africa’s IT future, by Scarlet Pruitt

    ?The company has also invested a hefty amount to establish information and communication technology (ICT) training centers and develop local language versions of its software in Zulu and Swahili, for example. Full article available here. ...

    IDG News Service
  • Gillette India shareholder seeks deal, by Khozem Merchant

    Gillette has signalled its ambitions by selling non-core assets and launching products such as a landmark razor that can be cleaned without running water; millions of Indian consumers lack access to tapped water. Full article available here. ...

    The Financial Times
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