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  • Global Social Venture Competition

    Ten social venture finalists from around the world will compete for $45,000 in prizes and exposure to potential funders at the eighth annual Global Social Venture Competition (GSVC) at the Haas School of Business on April 13. A record 157 teams from 80 universities in 20 countries entered the competition in 2007. The Global Social Venture Competition, started by Berkeley MBA students in 1999, has expanded this year, with Yale School of Management and Indian School of Busine...

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  • The Race to Build Really Cheap Cars

    How cheap is cheap? Renault-Nissan Chief Executive Carlos Ghosn is betting that for autos, the magic number is under $3,000. At a plant-opening ceremony in India Apr. 4, he was already talking up the industry’s next challenge: a future model that would sport a sticker price as low as $2,500?about 40% less than the least expensive subcompact currently on the market. Renault-Nissan is the first global automaker to take up the gauntlet thrown down in 2003 by India’s Tata Motors, which plans...

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  • Dollar a Day

    [E]ven the poorest find the resources to let their hair down. Duflo and Banerjee, looking at economic surveys of the very poor from 13 different countries, conclude that about one-third of household income is spent on stuff other than food. The alternatives to simply trying to consume more calories include shelter, of course, but even the poorest find some money to spend on things such as tobacco, alcohol, weddings, funerals, or religious festivals. Radios and televisions are also popular. Looki...

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  • Doing Well, Doing Good

    And now we have the newest blend of greed and generosity: the high-minded private equity fund. A forerunner in this sector is Good Capital, in formation for the past year. The firm, which operates out of a dingy three-room office in San Francisco’s gritty Mission District, has raised one-third of the $30 million it wants to have on hand by December. Classic American philanthropy has the ruthless businessman--Carnegie, Rockefeller, Ford--squeezing every last penny from the marketplace and the...

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  • The Next People’s Car

    An Indian car may soon earn a parking place in history alongside Ford’s Model T, Volkswagen’s Beetle and the British Motor Corp.’s Mini, all of which put a set of wheels within reach of millions of customers after they rolled onto the scene. Tata Motors? (nyse: TTM -? news? -? people ) is developing a car it aims to sell for about $2,500--the cheapest, by far, ever made. There is a lot riding on its small wheels. If the yet-to-be-named car is a success when it goes on sale...

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  • Prahalad Lecture: Democratizing Commerce: The Challenge for the 21st Century

    Business guru touts standards and locally responsive solutions for globalization. ANN ARBOR, Mich.?People should not shy away from globalization, but harness it to the benefit of all, C.K. Prahalad said this week during his Distinguished University Professorship lecture---the highest honor accorded faculty members by the University of Michigan. Prahalad, the Ross School’s Paul and Ruth McCracken Distinguished University Professor of Corporate Strategy, said tha...

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  • Venezuela’s Poor Vastly Underserved

    Only 11 percent of Venezuelans in social stratum E can afford home and personal care expenses, while 54 percent manages to afford the most important things. As a matter of fact, social stratum E comprises the most important consumption market niche in the country. The poor are increasing in number, but their income has improved significantly since 2004. Benjam?n Tripier, representative of Nueva Tecnolog?a de Negocios (New Business Technology), during...

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  • Philips-Manipal BOP Portal Launched

    A new Philips-Manipal Base of the Pyramid (BOP) portal was launched here on Friday with the main objective to build fundamental knowledge in BOP domain while supporting projects with specific goals. Launching the BOP, Alexius Collette, the CEO, Philips Innovation Campus (PIC), Bangalore, said partnering with Manipal University for the BOP programs had its unique significance with respect to accessibility to BOP market to bring about an ideal integration of research, medicine, manageme...

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