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  • SME Bank has come up with five loan schemes specially designed to help different types of small- and medium- scale enterprises flourish in the years ahead, it was announced yesterday. With the exception of SME Professional which was launched in December last year, the new loans are SME Start-Up, SME Procurement, SME Franchise and SME Global. Managing director Datuk Azmi Abdullah said the five products were a result of extensive research by the bank to ensure that they were dif...

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  • BANGALORE, India, May 23 ? The world’s largest chip maker, Intel, said Tuesday that it would introduce a low-cost computer in India, one of the world’s fastest-growing technology markets, in an effort to gain greater market share. Intel announced the Indian computer project as part of a wider global strategy to promote the use of technology in emerging markets. The computer will have a processor, chip set and software designed by Intel and will be produced by Indian hardware m...

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  • Sharon Davis Top African political and business leaders meet in South Africa for the World Economic Forum on Africa to discuss steps to sustain the current economic growth on the continent and launch a public-private partnership that aims to address the root causes of poverty. More than 700 participants are expected at the forum, which runs from 31 May to 2 June in Cape Town under the theme Going for Growth&q...

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  • ACCRA, Ghana -- The sparkling new bank, down the street from Accra’s bustling Makola market, looks like a financial institution anywhere: Six busy teller windows, a new accounts desk, air conditioning holding the steamy heat outside at bay. But for Ghanaians who have never had access to banking services before, it represents a revolution. After years of seeking small loans from loan sharks, family members and non-profit micro-credit programs, they now have what they never had befo...

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  • By Tricia Duryee Chris Brookfield sees similarities between building a technology startup and lifting people out of poverty. As odd as it sounds, the former Seattle venture capitalist is doing just that by applying his investing skills to microfinance. I have to take the same hard analytical approach to this as I did in venture capital, he said. In structure and in the process, it’s similar. Earlier this month, Brookfield decided to lea...

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  • Jitters Over Rising Interest Rates

    Stocks in developing countries tumbled yesterday, extending one of their biggest losing streaks in nearly a decade, as growing jitters about the global economic outlook amid rising interest rates prompted investors to abandon riskier markets world-wide. The pullback in markets as far-flung as Turkey, India, Russia and Brazil has broad ramifications for U.S. investors. Emerging-market stocks have been the world’s top performers ov...

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  • Chasing your pot of gold at the end of the rainbow? Go, look for your fortune at the bottom of the pyramid instead. That, in a line, summed up a day-long summit on ?Disruptive Innovation? titled ?Seeing What?s Next? by Harvard don and innovation guru Clayton M Christensen, organised by in the city today. Professor Christensen, who teaches at the Harvard Business School, agreed there was really little difference between his ?Disruptive Innovation? theory and ...

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  • Mary Jo Foley Cut-rate PC/hardware Windows XP Starter Edition bundles aren’t Microsoft’s only solution for bringing computing to the masses. Microsoft (MSFT) unveiled a new financing program designed to make PCs more affordable to emerging-market customers on May 22, the day before the kick-off of its annual Windows Hardware Engineering Conference (WinHEC) in Seattle. The new pay-as-you-go program and associated metering technology that enables it are k...

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