December 14

GM to Put Thousands of Electric Vehicle Chargers in Rural America

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General Motors is moving ahead with plans to install as many as 40,000 electric vehicle chargers in, mostly, rural parts of America. This comes as GM plans to sell exclusively zero-emission passenger vehicles by 2035.

These will not be so-called “Level 3” fast chargers — the sort that can charge an EV to 80% of its battery capacity in 30 minutes or so — but will be slower “Level 2” chargers, albeit relatively powerful ones. They will go in places where EV drivers might leave their vehicles parked for a couple of hours such as parks, sports venues or downtown shopping districts. The chargers will have industry-standard J1772 charging plugs that can be used by most electric vehicles, not just GM (GM) models. Tesla (TSLA) vehicles will also be able to use the chargers with an adapter.

There are currently about 43,000 charging stations of this type in America. If all 40,000 units are installed, GM’s program would nearly double the current number of stations.

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Source: CNN Business (link opens in a new window)

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