December 6

TIIP Releases New Report that Provides Guidance for Investors Assessing the Influence of System-Level Investing

The Investment Integration Project (TIIP) announced today the release of a new report, (Re)Calibrating Feedback Loops: Guidance for Asset Owners and Institutional Investors Assessing the Influence of System-level Investing. The project focused on the development of a framework for investors to measure their impacts and influence on systemic risks, through case studies of climate change, income inequality and racial inequity. This report – which was co-authored by William Burckart, Melissa Eng, Jessica Ziegler and Monique Aiken – was supported by grant funding from the Tipping Point Fund on Impact Investing (TPF), a donor collaborative developed with the mission of creating and supporting public goods that are critical to the continued growth and fidelity of the impact investing market.

Photo courtesy of qimono.

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