March 1

Women in Rural Rajasthan Plug the Last- Mile Gap Between Consumers and Sellers

By Mamuni Das

Women in rural Rajasthan, where large online marketplaces like Amazon and Flipkart do not deliver, are becoming the last-mile link between consumers and sellers for a wide-range of products, including large consumer appliances such as TV, washing machine, fridges, mixies (local term for mixers), baati (Rajasthani dish)- making oven and cattle feed.

Frontier Markets, a company in this space floated by Ajaita Shah, is technologically enabling rural women to use their social network and social capital in the village to book orders and help provide after-sales service for those products. Frontier Markets handles the last-mile delivery with its warehouse infrastructure and mobile camps for after-sales services. It has plans to expand toUttar Pradesh, Bihar and Odisha.

Source: The Hindu BusinessLine (link opens in a new window)

business development, rural development