July 27

NextBillion Editor

Announcing the Latest NextBillion E-book: Insights and Innovations in Financial Health

In response to a growing recognition that financial access alone doesn’t guarantee social impact, many of the sector’s leading voices are shifting their focus to financial health. The term encompasses everything from clients’ ability to balance income and expenses, build savings and manage debts, to their capability in using a range of financial tools to plan for future needs and recover from unexpected shocks.

MetLife Foundation has been a leader in this evolution, driving the sector’s efforts to not only boost access to financial products, but to ensure that they’re used for the benefit of clients. The Foundation highlighted this work through its sponsorship of the NextBillion Financial Health website, which provided a platform for sharing research, innovations and analysis focused on how financial tools can improve the lives of low-income clients.

Over the course of the one-year partnership, NextBillion Financial Health featured 20 articles exploring what’s working—and sometimes, what’s not working—in inclusive finance. We’ve compiled these articles, which highlight the impact and insights of MetLife Foundation and many of its partner organizations, in this e-book. Along with the foundation itself, the organizations whose work and insights are represented include:

  • Accion
  • Acumen America
  • Asia Foundation
  • CGAP
  • Common Cents Lab
  • ideas42
  • Trickle Up
  • Village Capital
  • Women’s World Banking

We hope readers can apply the in-depth research, business experiences and other practical insights in this collection to advance financial health.

You can view the e-book as a “flipbook” here, or below. Or you can download it as a PDF here. You’re welcome to share the links or file with others who may be interested in the topics the e-book explores.





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