July 10

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If you’re into social business, you’re probably familiar with Jonathan Lewis. A mainstay of the social entrepreneurship world, he has founded and run multiple businesses, including MCE Social Capital, which finances small business loans to impoverished people, the Opportunity Collaboration, an annual strategic business retreat for anti-poverty leaders, and Copia Global, an Amazon-like consumer catalog serving the BoP in Kenya. He has also taught social entrepreneurship at New York University and the University of California – Berkeley, and has lectured at universities around the world.

Earlier this month Lewis added another accomplishment to this list, as his first book, “The Unfinished Social Entrepreneur,” was published by Red Press. The book is a collection of “21 original essays and insights – part memoir, part handbook – about the challenges and questions every social entrepreneur thinks about.” It’s a great read for anyone interested in social entrepreneurship – and as a bonus, all book sale profits will be donated to social justice causes.

To celebrate our Entrepreneurship Month – and as a gift to our readers – NextBillion is offering a free chapter of the new book to subscribers of NextBillion Notes, our weekly e-newsletter. Besides getting the free chapter (which deals in a frank and illuminating way with the topic of business failure) newsletter subscribers will get a curated selection of the most thought-provoking posts, compelling quotes, and other highlights from the past week on NextBillion, sent out each Wednesday.

We’ll include a link to a PDF of the chapter in each of our newsletters in July. You can get access by subscribing to NextBillion Notes here.


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