maria zheng

NextBillion Reader’s Survey

Dear NextBillion Readers,

Thank you for the insightful responses to our NextBillion Reader’s Survey. You gave us hundreds of concrete ideas on how to improve the experience on NextBillion. These survey responses will be used to inform our upcoming redesign of NextBillion.

Some of the comments that you voiced include:
  • “The comments are full of spam messages, they need to be more closely monitored.”
  • “Include a ’Video Section’ for specific “BoP case studies” from around the world…At the very least you could provide links to the “YouTube Channels” showcasing BoP cases.”
  • “Research would be great from a qualitative point of view…seeing more statistical studies would make NB a central locus as opposed to a nice voice in the debate.”
  • “I’d like more exchange between users. Maybe create user IDs and profiles…Users can still post anonymously, but I think it would create a more personal and active usership than is now.”

We have added a spam filter for the comment box and will continue to change our systems to prevent spam in new blog posts. We are looking to launch a video section so you can conveniently access more media channels on BoP trends. Likewise, many additional upgrades are in the future and we plan to act on many of your suggestions.

Thank you again for helping us improve your NextBillion experience and for your patience as we continue developing this community!

Meanwhile, we would appreciate more ideas if you have not yet filled out the survey. The link is here: NextBillion Reader’s Survey.