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  • High Tech Buzzwords

    There’s been a lot of attention in the global development sector on a number of buzz-worthy innovations – from artificial intelligence and robotics, to drones, blockchain and the sharing economy. What will be the true impact of these innovations on low-income communities in emerging markets and beyond, and how are they currently being put to use on the ground? This series explores these questions in detail.

  • Offline Innovation

    We all love digital innovation, but we’ve noticed a tendency, on and off NextBillion, to make “innovation” synonymous with “the latest app” – and this leaves out an intriguing array of advances happening offline. This series will feature these developments – from water pumps and cold chain storage, to new applications for 3D printing and feats of ingenious engineering.

  • Startup Showcase

    Everyone admires a successful social business, but the media also needs to find space for fresh faces and new voices – including entrepreneurs who are just starting to make their mark. In fact, the unique challenges and opportunities facing startups can lead to valuable insights for enterprises of all stages. This series will highlight some of these enterprises, in markets around the world.

  • Financial Frontiers

    This series, sponsored by BFA, covers the frontiers of customer research, business strategy, technology and enabling environments that are bringing meaningful financial solutions to the underserved.

  • December Focus Topic: Digital Finance

    In the month of December, NextBillion is dedicating special attention to digital finance, with posts on the innovations, major players and significant trends that are shaping this fast-growing industry.

  • November Focus Topic: Housing

    In November, NextBillion is focusing special attention on the housing sector, with posts addressing the pressing issues and innovative approaches that are shaping this vital industry in emerging markets.

  • October Focus Topic: Impact Investing

    In the month of October, NextBillion is dedicating special attention to the impact investing sector, with posts on the innovations, research, major players, and significant trends that are shaping this fast-growing industry.

  • September Focus Topic: Agriculture

    With over 450 million smallholder farmers supporting about 2 billion people worldwide, initiatives and enterprises serving the sector can make an outsized impact. But like farmers themselves, they also face significant challenges, from the unpredictability of the weather, to difficulties reaching communities in remote rural areas. This series explores the innovations and enterprises that are addressing these challenges head-on.

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