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  • Financial Inclusion and the SDGs

    What role should financial inclusion play in achieving the Sustainable Development Goals? Is it crucial to these efforts, or relatively unimportant? Opinions on these questions vary widely, and NextBillion has published a growing number of posts that offer very different perspectives. We've gathered these viewpoints into this series.

  • Scaling Up Without Selling Out

    Wall Street players are becoming impact investors. Inclusive fintech innovations are reaching – and raising – billions. Social enterprises both large and small are scaling up and branching out. How can social businesses move forward without compromising their values – or exhausting themselves or their teams? This series will highlight thought-provoking views and new solutions as the impact sector moves into the mainstream.

  • By Women, For Women: Leaders and Innovations in Gender Equity

    From philanthropy to investing to entrepreneurship, women face unique challenges in their quests to make an impact. And yet in spite of cultural and systemic hurdles, women continue to rise through the ranks of impact-focused firms, smashing old paradigms and creating better, more inclusive business models.

  • Accelerating Inclusive Fintech

    Since 2016, Catalyst Fund has been accelerating fintech startups targeting the bottom of the pyramid, bringing to bear BFA’s deep expertise in the financial behaviors and needs of low-income customers in emerging markets. This series, sponsored by BFA, explores the initiative's work and impact.

  • Digitization and Financial Services

    FIBR is an initiative of BFA in partnership with Mastercard Foundation to create new ways to connect low-income populations to financial services that meet their needs. This series, sponsored by BFA, explores key learnings from the initiative.

  • Improving Customer Financial Health

    BFA and MetLife Foundation created OPTIX (Optimizing Performance Through Improved Cross(X)-Sell) to support financial institutions in building better portfolios of products for their low-income customers. This series, sponsored by BFA, shares insights from the project.

  • RegTech for Regulators

    The RegTech for Regulators Accelerator (R2A) partners with leading financial sector authorities to pioneer the next generation of tools and techniques for regulation, market supervision, and policy analysis. This series, sponsored by BFA, explores these issues.

  • Survival Guide for Raising Capital

    Social entrepreneurs and impact investors often speak different languages – and their divergent priorities can lead to misunderstandings and mutual frustration. This series will explore the kinds of support entrepreneurs most need from investors – and the things investors wish more entrepreneurs understood.

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