February 10

Improving Customer Financial Health

BFA and MetLife Foundation created OPTIX to support financial institutions in building better portfolios of products for their low-income customers. OPTIX stands for Optimizing Performance Through Improved Cross(X)-Sell. Since 2015, BFA has been collaborating with four financial institutions in four markets to build and strengthen a suite of quality financial offerings for their low-income clients. BFA designed the project with the goal of equipping these four institutions with the analytical tools, technical know-how and a set of ongoing peer relationships to better serve their clients through targeted products and delivery channels to optimize the institutions’ performance and broaden the portfolios of the poor. In addition to managing the relationships with the institutions, BFA advises on data analysis, business case development and client research and on the implementation of cross-sell strategies with the four institutions.

This series, sponsored by BFA, discusses key learnings from the OPTIX project.

Photos courtesy of BFA.