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  • September Focus Topic: Agriculture

    With over 450 million smallholder farmers supporting about 2 billion people worldwide, initiatives and enterprises serving the sector can make an outsized impact. But like farmers themselves, they also face significant challenges, from the unpredictability of the weather, to difficulties reaching communities in remote rural areas. This series explores the innovations and enterprises that are addressing these challenges head-on.

  • August Focus Topic: Water, Sanitation & Hygiene

    Water, sanitation & hygiene (WASH) is an often-overlooked need in emerging markets communities – and it represents a growing opportunity for the social enterprises that serve them. In the month of August, we cover businesses, innovations and initiatives that are making an impact in WASH, in markets around the world.

  • Graduation Innovation: New Directions in a Proven Anti-Poverty Approach

    The "graduation approach" to extreme poverty alleviation has demonstrated remarkable success in making meaningful and lasting gains among participants – but it's difficult to scale. The posts in this series explore some intriguing variations on the graduation model, discussing promising avenues for scale, new approaches for serving the poorest of the poor, and innovative ways to foster entrepreneurship – even among participants who aren't entrepreneurial by nature.

  • July Focus Topic: Entrepreneurship

    Entrepreneurship is a central focus of NextBillion's coverage, and in the month of July 2017, we're covering the challenges, opportunities, trends and debates that are driving discussion among entrepreneurs working in emerging markets.

  • June Focus Topic: Financial Inclusion

    Financial inclusion is one of NextBillion's core topic areas, and we're dedicating special coverage this month to the many innovations, opportunities – and challenges – that are shaping the sector.

  • May Focus Topic: Technology

    Technology is the driving force behind many of the most exciting enterprises and initiatives working in emerging markets. NextBillion's Technology Month features posts on some of the most intriguing innovations we've come across.

  • Too Much, Too Soon? The Debate over Impact Investing and Growth in Off-Grid Energy

    A post by the impact investing firm Ceniarth, explaining why it's reducing its investment in venture-backed, solar home systems, sparked critical responses from both the Global Off-Grid Lighting Association and the impact investing firm Persistent Energy Capital. Authors at the IFC also added insights and data to the discussion. We've gathered the posts in this surprisingly heated debate into a brief series.

  • April Focus Topic: Health Care

    NextBillion's Health Care Month has featured posts from a diverse group of writers. Topics range from the ways to improve public-private health care collaboration in India, to the value of splitting the health care market into "luxury" and "economy" segments, to some potentially effective models for scaling care in low-resource settings.

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