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NextBillion Welcomes Staff Writer Saurabh Lall

The team is happy to announce the latest addition to the group of Staff Writers: Saurabh Lall.

Saurabh works at the World Resources Institute, in Washington DC, where he is a Program Coordinator/Research Assistant for the Accelerating Clean Energy Markets, Clean Energy for the Base of the Pyramid, New Ventures India and New Ventures Indonesia projects. His research focuses on innovative financing mechanisms for sustainable small and medium enterprises.

Prior to joining WRI, he has worked with the National Council for Public Private Partnerships and the George Washington Center for the Study of Globalization. His research interests include renewable energy, small and medium enterprises and sustainable solutions for the Base of the Pyramid

Originally from Mumbai, Saurabh has a Master of Public Policy degree from George Washington University and a Bachelor of Engineering degree from the University of Mumbai. He is currently pursuing a PhD in Public Policy and Administration at the George Washington University.

Saurabh has written for NextBillion in the past. His last piece refers to the need for more less anecdote- and more fact-based analysis as a requisite to advance the BoP space. We’re excited and look forward to having his perspectives more often on NextBillion.

Welcome, Saurabh!