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Novogratz on Patient Capital Potential in Latin America

Editor’s note: This post first appeared in NextBillion en Español and can be found in Spanish here.

At the United Forum for Social Innovation held last month in Bogotá, I had the opportunity to talk with Jaqueline Novogratz, CEO of Acumen Fund, for a few minutes about her perspectives on Latin America.

As readers of NextBillion may be aware, Acumen Fund works under the patient capital scheme, understood as capital investment in a company that is in its initial stages and is dedicated to providing low-income consumers with access to health, water, living, alternative energy, or agricultural services.

In the interview conducted jointly with Ana María Corena, with technical support from Buena Nota, we asked Jacqueline about what she considers the main challenges of innovation and social entrepreneurship in Latin America, the role of the public sector in promoting social innovation, how the region generates trends, the underlying logic of the approaches to overcoming poverty, and about Acumen’s intentions for operating in Latin America.

The complete interview is below:

Note: This post is part of the collaborative coverage of the United Forum for Social Innovation, held in collaboration with Gestratégica, Somos Más, and Buena Nota.

Jenny Melo is the editor of NextBillion en Español.

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