Rob Katz

Pop!Tech – On Cell Phones, Entrepreneurship, and African Governance

PopTech logoLast night, I wrote a post about Camden, Maine – where I am attending Pop!Tech 2007.? At the very end, I mentioned that I was heading out to meet up with Nathan Eagle, a MIT entrepreneur-engineer who runs the Entrepreneurial Programming and Research on Mobiles project.

Well, I did run into Nathan, but he was deep in conversation with NextBillion ally Andrew Mack at the time.? In an effort to not re-invent the wheel, I told Nathan that NextBillion would interview him another time, and that – for the time being – I would just link back to Andrew’s post.? So here it is:Give Me a Cell Phone, or Give Me Death!? Does Tomorrow Belong to the C-Citizen?

Thanks to Andrew for the good work.? As for me, I interviewed Kiva’s Jessica Flannery this afternoon, and will write that up in addition to my other blogging during the next few days.? If there are certain people or speakers you would like me to seek out, drop a comment and I’ll do my best.