Rob Katz

Prahalad Responds to “Mirage at the Bottom of the Pyramid”

CKPrahaladPhoto.jpgAneel Karnani posted his paper, “Mirage at the Bottom of the Pyramid,” to ten days ago, setting off a bit of a firestorm among commenters on-site. In an effort to hear both sides of the argument, the editors contacted C.K. Prahalad and invited him to submit a response to Professor Karnani. (Full disclosure: Prahalad on the Board of the World Resources Institute,’s parent organization). We received the following reply:

Professor Karnani’s piece, Mirage at the Bottom of the Pyramid, deserves a rebuttal. I provided that in private before Professor Karnani posted his paper on the web. I decided to post my response to him as well, given the likelihood that readers may not get a balanced view of the core arguments about the BOP opportunity–to ?do good and do well.? Here is my original response to Prof. Karnani’s draft.

Read C.K. Prahalad’s response to “Mirage at the Bottom of the Pyramid” (PDF download)


Read Al Hammond’s response to “Mirage at the Bottom of the Pyramid” (Link)