John Paul

Resources for Cross-Sector Collaboration aimed at Pro-poor Enterprise Development

I’ve recently come across several reports written by Linda Mayoux that may be of interest to readers of this blog, particularly those looking for a better understanding of how to go about establishing cross-sector partnerships aimed at pro-poor enterprise development.?

The first – “Marrying Jekyll with Hyde? Transnational Enterprises, Pro-Poor Development and Sustainable Ethical Learning” – discusses the challenges of bringing together NGOs, unions and other civil society organizations with the transnational corporations they monitor and lobby, in order to establish meaningful cross-sector partnerships aimed at creating sustainable pro-poor development.? The paper focuses on recent innovations which can contribute to a key element in seeking constructive ways forward: the building of a participatory ethical learning process which can increase trust, transparency and mutual accountability.? The paper was originally commissioned for EDIAIS.

The second – “Trickle-down, Trickle-up or Puddle? Participatory Value Chains Analysis for Pro-poor Enterprise Development” – discusses pro-poor enterprise development.? The paper focuses on the potential contributions of one modelling and analytical tool: value chains analysis used as part of a participatory assessment process.? As well as providing a practical guide to value chains analysis, this paper focuses on the ways in which value chains action research can be used as part of a sustainable participatory process for strategic learning and ongoing accountability within and between enterprise sectors.

Finally, ?From Marginalization to Empowerment–Towards a New Approach in Small Enterprise Development? discusses small enterprise development and empowerment, and proposes a framework for combining the same.?