Derek Newberry

Rising Ventures: AmazonLife Makes Social Responsibility Look Good on the Runway

AmazonLife 2Mike Jarvis writes in PSD Blog today about the increasing demand for Fairtrade products as a sign of growing consumer trust in the quality and desirability of this relatively new business model. This is news that will not only give Coldplay’s Chris Martin something to talk about in between writing songs informing us that the stars are, in fact, Yellow…. it will keep one Brazilian company ahead of the fashion curve.

AmazonLife sells material for bags and clothing that is made using Treetap, the company’s name for a rubber they harvest from trees native to northern Brazil. Eco-friendly products are already gaining wide popularity with entrepreneurs like Josh Dorfman of selling eco-chic home decor to Manhattan’s elite. But AmazonLife takes it to the next level, providing high paying jobs to local farmers while ensuring that their products are sustainably produced. The company follows fairtrade policy by creating an equitable relationship with their rural suppliers and paying them a living wage. Their success shatters old myths that incorporating social and environmental goals into an enterprise’s business plan will distract it from making solid profits – AmazonLife’s products are already being used by some of Europe’s major designers. I won’t try to name any here, because I don’t want to pretend I know anything about fashion- in fact I’m pretty sure I’m wearing mismatching socks as I write this. But when they say they supply to some of the industry players, I’ll take their word for it. See for yourself, here.