Derek Newberry

Rising Ventures: Lotus Qumicia – New Ways to Fight Water Shortages

BlogginLotus 1g to wrap up a lazy Sunday evening on a beautiful Labor Day weekend (post Ernesto that is).? Lotus Quimica– this week’s featured company is an interesting case- they also tackle the water issues I touched on earlier in the week, although at first I was a bit aprehensive about their solution.

See, Brazil has a fairly intense dry season in which the available water in lakes and reservoirs can drop dramatically, leaving those that rely on these sources in a perilous situation.? The founder of Lotus, a chemist, actually discovered a product that reduces evaporation from these bodies of water by 50%.? This works via hydrophillic and hydrophobic properties of the chemical Lotus produces.

At first glance, it seems somewhat questionable- interfering with a natural process in such a way.? Lotus’ founder, Marcos Gugliotti, understood that many potential clients would share the same concern, so he has gone to lengths to receive government approval- Brazil’s International Institute of Ecology has said that the powder is non-toxic and does not significantly affect the natural cycle.?

This seems almost too good to be true- a safe, chemical solution to water shortages due to high temperatures, but Lotus seems to have a promising product.? To learn more about this innovative company, read the profile based on Kelly Desy’s interview.? And if you’re in the DC area, I hope you stayed drier than I did when Ernesto passed through…