Derek Newberry

Rising Ventures: Sumaya HMX Shows Why Leapfrogging Technology Works

India’s rapid industrialization and urbanization is a boon to the national economy but a serious challenge in terms of an unfettered rise in energy usage and GHG emissions.? So far, India’s per capita energy consumption has remained one of the lowest in Asia, because of its vast rural populace with little access to energy infrastructure.

This will change in the next few decades as India’s booming IT sector, fueled by telecom investments and massive outsourcing, will cause new office buildings and facilities to sprout up on the horizons of cities like Bangalore and New Delhi.? Per-capita carbon emissions will triple by 2020 and overall energy consumption, which doubled between 1980 and 2001 will continue to rise.

These figures and ominous predictions in many ways parallel the experience of another Asian powerhouse – China.? It is fitting then that this week’s featured company offer a similar service to WorldWell, the company I discussed earlier.? Both work in climate control, only instead of trapping energy to heat office buildings, Sumaya HMX cools them down.? The company has developed a system, called the “Ambiator” that is much more energy efficient than traditional air conditioners and works without the use of CFCs (widely recognized as one of the most harmful greenhouse gases).?

The system is an example of technology produced within a tropical country and designed for a tropical country – in a place like Mumbai where the weather is largely characterized by heat and humidity, running the Ambiator instead of AC at full blast adds up to a major cost savings, and reduction in carbon emissions.?

This makes me wonder if HMX and WorldWell could team? up and offer a total climate control package…. ?Either way check out the HMX profile here, and enjoy your weekend.