Derek Newberry

Rising Ventures: The Sweet Smell of Success in China’s Rose Industry

Xun PaiMore great news about sustainable business trends in China- check out this article on how the country’s organic food exports have surged, increasing at a 50% annual rate. An amazing story related to this development that you should read as you head out for the weekend: Jiangyou Xun Pai Organic Agriculture Co.

I know it’s quite a handle, but Xun Pai is taking concrete steps to foster growth in the organic agriculture sector in concrete ways- the owner, Yan Jingyu, currently trains over 20,000 farmers on sustainable techniques

His products are recognized for their high quality as well. Xun Pai roses are currently being supplied to two large businesses in China and Yan is in negotiations with a European company to be added to its product line. Check out the full story here and for our US readers, be happy this heat wave is coming to an end…