Nitin Rao

Sattva: Raising Equilibrium in Social Change

Every month in Bangalore, a team of volunteers–many from the IT industry – collaborate to prepare Sattva, a newsletter on social innovation. These are members of a non-profit consulting firm I Think I Have A Solution (ITIHAS)

The vision at Sattva is:
To be an effective platform for the sharing of news, views and appreciation of the social change process, thus raising awareness and encouraging individuals and organizations to meaningfully contribute to society.Every issue of Sattva is based on a particular theme, with the last few issues covering themes such as Environment and Sustainable Transport. Editor-in-Chief Aarti Mohan writes:

We had a simple aim- there was a lot of good work happening in Bangalore and that’s what we would tell people about. Slowly but surely, Sattva grew and we with it. From being an issue every month, we have bloomed into an organization with goals, plans, people management challenges–Sattva has indeed been a character building experience for all of us!

The latest issue celebrates their 1st anniversary and profiles young change makers in Bangalore. To subscribe to the SATTVA e-magazine, send an email to

Editor’s note: This issue of SATTVA includes a profile of’s own Nitin Rao. Do be sure to check it out!