Francisco Noguera

Social Entrepreneurs from GSBI 2008: Meet Tendai Mawunga from Pump Aid, Zimbabwe and Malawi

Tendai used to be a teacher in his native Zimbabwe, until he saw one of his students died for reasons related to poor water quality. That event changed his life’s direction and led him to become one of the founding members of Pump Aid, an NGO that has brought safe drinking water to thousands of villages in Africa by designing and manufacturing Elephant Pumps based on a centuries-old Chinese technology.

Pump Aid is experiencing an interesting transition that explains Tendai’s presence at this year’s GSBI. In the midst of the difficult and unstable situation in Zimbabwe, it recently re-located to Malawi where the elephant pump has been very successful since its introduction as a pilot project a few years ago. It has also experienced growing demand from households and is moving towards creating a fee-based social enterprise called WISH (Water, Irrigation, Sanitation and Hygiene) that will partner with microfinance institutions to offer the “WISH Package”, a comprehensive solution for clusters of households that incorporates clean water (through the Elephant Pump), sanitation (through the Elephant Toilet) and nutrition (through nutrition gardens).

So here is Tendai, whose next steps I look forward to tracking and sharing through