Francisco Noguera

Staff Transitions: The NextBillion Team Continues to Evolve

One of the privileges of working on is having the opportunity to meet, discuss and interact with a talented group of Staff Writers that are making important contributions to the Base of the Pyramid movement from different positions and perspectives. David Lehr and Jenara Nerenberg are two of the dynamic folks that make the NextBillion conversation possible. Today, NextBillion announces Jenara’s and David’s transition out of the formal team of Staff Writers.

We’ll continue to hear from both David and Jenara, I’m sure, as they continue to develop interesting projects at the organizations that host them: Mercy Corps in the case of David and CNN in the case of Jenara. On behalf of Rob and the rest of the NextBillion team, we extend our best wishes in their continuing journeys.

We’re also happy to welcome our latest addition to the team of Staff Writers: Rishabh Kaul, a senior at the Birla Institute of Technology and Science in Pilani. You can read more about Rishabh in his profile page and can look forward to his first blog post coming up in just a few hours.

We’re constantly in the looks for voices and perspectives that can help us in the effort of keeping NextBillion a timely and valuable resource. If you’re interested in becoming a Staff Writer or know someone who does, please do contact us!