Rob Katz

StartingBloc Institute for Social Innovation: Apply Now

Social entrepreneurship is more than a buzzword – it is becoming an industry in and of itself. And one of the best niches in this new industry is occupied by a group I know and respect, StartingBloc. A 501(c)3 non-profit organization, StartingBloc runs an Institute for Social Innovation and a Career Accelerator, both of which build a network of young social entrepreneurs that drive change around the world.

If you’re new to the idea of StartingBloc, check out Jennifer Vilaga’s profile of Martin Smith and co. in Fast Company. A bit closer to home, Sara Standish (now a MBA candidate at the Johnson School of Management at Cornell) has also profiled StartingBloc, as has Staff Writer Nitin Rao.I’m also a StartingBloc Fellow – having completed the program last spring. Between Sara, Nitin and me, we’ve been to New York, London and Boston, where the Institute for Social Innovation has been held. Applications for this year’s Institute are now open – I highly recommend that folks apply.

Questions? Contact StartingBloc or feel free to write us directly.