Al Hammond

Summing Up the Show in San Francisco

The conference left a powerful impression?of huge companies and NGOs more or less on the same page, of governments and aid agencies endorsing business approaches to poverty, of entrepreneurs and visionary CEOs from enterprises in developing countries being recognized as pioneers in new business strategies. But most of all the impression was of people and their energy and excitement over an emerging new approach to development. You can revisit some of that through the videos and speaker presentations posted under Conference Resources. We have tried to sum up the wealth of ideas and discussions in the posted document that covers both the plenary sessions and the more hands-on workshop tracks. But we know that any summary lacks the vitality and mix of perceptions that made the real thing so interesting. So we invite your input?what did the conference mean to you? What blew your mind? What would you add to the summary that we have missed, or got wrong? See the Conference Summary and leave your thoughts!