The Feasibility of a Business Shift towards Sustainable Global Enterprises

Q. Are you optimistic that a real, widespread shift to sustainable global enterprise is feasible in today’s world, given the challenges inherent in political realities and the resistance prevalent in many corporate cultures?

Those companies are there, the rigid, routine culture is there. There are plenty of companies you could describe that way. But those are the companies that are going to lose. If you?re incapable of making that transition, getting across this next chasm, then you?re probably going to fall down it. And 10 to 20 years from now, you won?t be around. I?m convinced of that. In the coming two decades we are going to see wholesale revolution from an industrial perspective. We?re going to see whole new industries born. Whole new global corporations 15 to 20 years from now that we haven?t even heard of today will be large, dominant firms. And large, dominant firms today will not be around.