Jenny Everett

The FOUND Middle: Arogyam Organics

As part of our continuing series, we share this interview with Kanmani Arumugasamy of Arogyam Organics Pvt. Ltd. Based in India, Arogyam works to promote organic products and improve the quality of life of local farmers by reducing middle man costs.

This video is part of the “FOUND Middle” series we announced earlier this month on NextBillion, which focuses on some of the many businesses and organizations that make up the “missing middle.” A growing number of organizations are working together through the ANDE network to find and support these businesses – which in turn create jobs, wealth, and goods and services for local communities. In the case of Arogyam, they’ve worked with Villgro in Chennai, India to strengthen their business.

Over the coming months we’ll continue to share stories with you of what we’ve “found” in the missing middle.

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Agriculture, Investing