Jenny Everett

The FOUND Middle Series: Identifying Opportunities in China

Next in our video series we introduce you to Richard Roque, managing director of SA Capital Limited, a Hong Kong private investment company focused on triple bottom line impact investments. In this interview he discusses how SA Capital seeks to identify and invest in social businesses in China. Roque has been involved in several social ventures including:, Lumni Inc., Mission Markets, a women’s educational radio network in Southern Philippines and Shanghai Zhida Hotel Management Co., Ltd. a student hostel chain in China. As a director of East Asian Educational Association a Hong Kong-based educational charity and previously with William E. Simon & Sons (Asia) Limited, a regional Asian private equity firm, Roque has perspectives on both the philanthropic and private equity worlds.

Richard Roque – SA Capital from ANDE on Vimeo.

This video is part of our “FOUND Middle” series, which focuses on some of the many businesses and intermediaries that make up the “missing middle.” A growing number of organizations are working together through the ANDE network to find and support these businesses – which in turn create jobs, wealth, and goods and services for local communities. Over the coming months we’ll continue to share stories with you of what we’ve “found” in the missing middle. Check out other videos here.

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