Rob Katz

The Next 4 Billion: Market Size and Business Strategy at the Base of the Pyramid

TheNext4Billion coverDiscussions of base of the pyramid (BOP) markets have, until now, relied principally on business case studies and rough estimates of market size. On Monday, March 19, WRI and the team (in conjunction with the IFC) will launch our publication, The Next 4 Billion: Market Size and Business Strategy at the Base of the Pyramid. “The Next 4 Billion” uses household survey data to measure the empirical size and scope of BOP markets.

The launch event by invitation only and will include remarks from BOP experts including:

  • C.K. Prahalad, Paul and Ruth McCracken Distinguished University Professor of Corporate Strategy, Stephen M. Ross School of Business, University of Michigan
  • Nariman Behravesh, Executive Vice President and Chief Economist, Global Insight, Inc.
  • Jonathan Lash, President, World Resources Institute
  • Michael Klein, World Bank/IFC Vice President for Financial and Private Sector Development and IFC Chief Economist

The event is by invitation only; all readers are invited and encouraged to attend.? Details on the event can be found on the WRI web site.? Please contact us for invitation information.

About the book: WRI, with the cooperation of the International Finance Corporation, has for the last 18 months enjoyed unique access to national household surveys for the purpose of understanding low-income communities as economic actors. Drawing on income data from 110 countries and standardized expenditure data from 36 countries across the globe, the report is an important first look at the market opportunity represented by four billion individuals who make up the BOP.

If you can’t make it to the IFC auditorium on Monday, check back here to NextBillion for full access to the PDF downloads and the data contained in “The Next 4 Billion.” Our sister sites, and Earthtrends, will also host data, graphics, and chapter-by-chapter downloads of the report.

Please use the comment field to submit any questions, or contact us directly.

Hope to see you on Monday!