Rob Katz

This Might Just Be Your BoP Dream Job

Acumen Fund FellowsJocelyn Wyatt was.? So were David Lehr and Keely Stevenson.? John Tucker is.? Joel Montgomery is about to be.? Pablo Halkyard might have been; in fact, I might have been also.

What the heck am I talking about?? The Acumen Fund Fellows Program, of course.(For the record, Pablo took himself out of the running when McKinsey offered him a job; as for me, I rescinded my application when I was offered a full-time gig here at Acumen Fund.? That should also serve as a full disclosure, but if not: I work for Acumen Fund.)

Back to the topic at hand…if you read this site regularly and care about market-based approaches to poverty alleviation, then this might be your dream job.? Seriously – how else can you spend a full year living and working at the nexus of development and enterprise, unless you’re already doing it or on the verge of starting your own company.

Of course, there’s an application and an interview process, and Acumen Fund is looking for a specific kind of person – someone with “the moral imagination, the practical skills and the leadership potential to effect real change” as my colleague Deepti Doshi put it so eloquently over on the Acumen Fund blog.

At the end of the day, however, if you are interested in the base of the pyramid sector and believe you have the skills and experience to contribute to this mission over the next year, do yourself a favor and apply.? If you’re happy doing what you’re doing, fantastic – but I’m sure you know a few people for whom the fellowship is indeed a dream.? Please forward this along.

Applications are open now and will close at noon EST, October 20.? The application process is relatively simple, assuming you can answer difficult questions in 250 words or less (harder than it sounds, trust me).

Questions?? Comments are open below; I’ll be sure Deepti sees them.