Matt S. Cantwell

This Friday, Join a Discussion on the State of Microfinance

The Microfinance industry has seen unprecedented challenges, and a mix of success and failure during the last decade. A Nobel Peace Prize to one of its key practitioners and advocates, together with groing investment and a series of IPOs, paved the way for exceptional growth. However, the global financial crisis and some industry overheating prompted some industry players to take a step back. As we look forward to the 2010s, lessons learned must be taken into account as the next wave of financial inclusion comes about through in micro-lending and growing investment.

The Microlumbia Fund, founded by Columbia Business School students, will host The Fourth Annual MicroFinance Conference, at Columbia University on Friday, April 8, 2011, from 12:30p-7:00p to discuss the current state of the industry. Prime topics of discussion will include “Striking the Right Balance between Shareholder and Stakeholder Value”, “Extending Horizons of Microfinance Investments”, “Empowering Cubans through Private Enterprise Development”, and “Lessons Learned in Global Restructuring”. Other issues to be addressed include review of trends, regulation of MFIs, and the entrance of new investors.

Expected speakers include Bob Annibale, Global Director of Community Development & Microfinance at Citi; Steve Wardle, Pioneer Fund Manager, Grameen Foundation; Chuck Olsen, Global Social Funds, Deutsche Bank; and Barbara Mangnoni, President, EA Consultants; Carlos Danel, Founder, Compartamos; Rasario Perez, CEO, ProMujer; and Gabriel Solorzano, Former Chairman, Banex (Nicaragua). Sponsors include Deutsche Bank, The Microfinance Club of New York, Columbia Business School, and The International Development Club.

Our panel format ensures a dynamic and lively discussion of hard topics. If you’re in the NYC area, and interested in taking part in a discussion on the future of microfinance, please consider registering. We look forward to seeing you there.

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