Derek Newberry

This Week: Your Dream Vacation….. and your great-grandchildrens’

Efforts to preserve the?Amazonian rainforest?have always been rife with plenty of controversy.? This is?either?attributed to the fact that environmental protectionism is often seen as a blow to economic growth or because well-intentioned businesses end up exploiting local residents to green up their image.? It is this precarious tightrope that Rainforest Expeditions (RFE)?walks between engagment and exploitation, between preservation and profit.? This week’s featured New Ventures entrepreneur has rapidly grown its eco-tourism business by offering adventurous clients a quality experience of full-immersion in the Peruvian Amazon.? Its sustainable practices ensure that it is not only providing the vacation of a lifetime for its current customers, but for future generations as well.


While?RFE is poised to expand its operations rapidly in the coming years, this will not come at the expense of the people living in the region or the natural habitat.? In fact, residents welcome the socially-minded company as it creates a truly mutual relationship between itself and the community.? In a recent interview, co-founder Kurt Holle explains that each eco-lodge is fully owned by locals, who provide labor and extensive?knowledge of the Amazonian wildlife.? RFE provides the management expertise and financing necessary to make operations run efficiently, creating a truly equal partnership for both stakeholders.? As the company continues to?attract?investment and draw in travellers, it proves that saving the rainforest and growing profit margins can go hand in hand.