This Week’s ViewChange Video: Doing Business In Afghanistan

The following video is one in a series from ViewChange, a multimedia organization managed by LinkTV and founded with support by the Gates Foundation, that is producing and procuring educational and inspiring videos from across the developing world. NextBillion is partnering with ViewChange to share these stories of enterpreneurship against the odds with the NextBillion community.

The Taliban’s home city of Kandahar is one of the most volatile and dangerous regions in Afghanistan. In the midst of the ongoing conflict there, Rangina Hamidi, an Afghan-American woman with a vision, is helping to promote peace at a grassroots level. Her business, Kandahar Treasure, provides women with jobs creating beautifully embroidered products. Earning their own money economically empowers these women, raising them out of poverty, improving their self esteem and enabling them to make independent financial decisions, all with the approval of the men in their families. With a better economic situation in the family, Kandahar Treasure has successfully reduced the level of discord and friction in the homes of these women, while at the same time promoting social change within Afghan society from the inside out.

This video was produced by Paula Lerner, an award-winning photojournalist and multimedia producer whose work has taken her from the Amazon to Afghanistan.