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Twitter Top Ten – 3/15/15

In a typical week, the Twitter machine produces about 3.5 billion tweets. Some of them actually contain useful information. To make sure none of these escape your attention, the NextBillion crew painstakingly sifts through all of them (or, at least, a good many of them!), separating the wheat from the chaff for our weekly installment of the Twitter Top 10.

Continue reading to learn why the Calvert Foundation is proud to be included in a “Dummies” book, and why the prime minister of India is even more delighted with his country’s first indigenously developed and manufactured – and the world’s cheapest – Rotavirus vaccine.

We even present opportunities for engagement: There are challenges concerning English test scores in Ghana and in helping 2 billion people reach financial security. Can you find solutions?

We love our weekly task, but we have to admit that we could use a little help searching the ever-expanding Twitterverse. You’re cordially invited to throw a few of your favorite tweets our way: Send general social enterprise topics to @NextBillion or NB managing editor @ScotterAnderson, global health topics to @NextBillionHC and financial inclusion and impact investing topics to @NextBillionFI.

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