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Twitter Top Ten

It was a big week in the Twitterverse as POTUS – after six years in office – finally joined the fray. There were also plenty of Big Thoughts in the world covered by NextBillion, and we combed the scrolls to bring you some of the highlights.

Read our list and you’ll find yourself imagining a world without AIDS or the burden of surgical disease, where 21st century banking services are available throughout the global south, and major companies work overtime to engage women in low-income markets. And you’ll definitely think twice before asking permission to change the world.

As usual, we had a blast compiling our list. But we’d like your help. You are officially invited to tweet general social enterprise topics to @NextBillion or NB managing editor @ScotterAnderson, global health topics to @NextBillionHC and financial inclusion and impact investing topics to @NextBillionFI.

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