Bill Matassoni

What if You Could Unlock the Potential of a Trillion-Dollar Housing Market?

Editor’s Note: Last Friday, in our weekly roundup, we shared news about an article written by Asoka’s Bill Drayton and Valeria Budinich, recently published by the Harvard Business Review. Our colleagues at Ashoka sent us the following Guest Post, which includes instructions on how to get a complimentary copy of the article, available only for subscribers on Friday’s link.

By Bill Matassoni

Check out Ashoka’s “A New Alliance for Global Change” article in the September, 2010 issue of Harvard Business Review, where Ashoka CEO Bill Drayton and Full Economic Citizenship’s Chief Entrepreneur Valeria Budinich, argue that if you are responsible in any way for strategy formulation you should seriously consider new collaborative entreprenuership paradigms. In fact they say that you may be guilty of “strategic malfeasance” if you don’t.

“Citizen sector” does not mean philanthropic. The article points to thousands of organizations worldwide that are effectively and productively making progress in healthcare, social, environmental, educational and other areas and are led by social entrepreneurs. These organizations, the authors show, can help companies find and create very attractive growth markets in a range of industries and customer segments. They can also help smaller players upset the competitive balance in a sector. And they can help senior managers find more genuine leadership talent than they will find among the graduates of top business schools.

Want a complimentary copy of the article courtesy of Ashoka? From now until September 6 (midnight EST) the first 100 people to enter will gain digital access for free! Check out Full Economic Citizenship’s Facebook Fan Page for contest directions!