Scott Anderson

Unreasonable Investor Day (And Night)

Kids rarely sleep at a slumber party and I don’t think there will be too many people catching zzz’s at the marathon ’sleepover’ next week hosted by the Unreasonable Institute.

The sleepover, set for Monday, July 18 at the Hub SoMa a San Francisco-area social ventures incubator, is culmination of the six-week Unreasonable Institute in Boulder, CO. Before anyone breaks out the sleeping bags, Unreasonable Institute will host a pitch event will involve all 26 of the Unreasonable fellows hailing from 26 different countries and up to 100 impact investors in attendance to hear what their ventures have to offer.

Daniel Epstein, the Unreasonable Institute’s founding president, says they’re teaming up with Halloran Philanthropies, Hewlett Packard and the Hub SoMa to bring together some of the best investors focused on social entrepreneurship. But, he says, the planned six-minute pitches aren’t enough. (And here’s where the slumber party idea comes in).

“We’ve learned capital flows through relationships, not pitches,” Epstein said. “To this end, we’re locking up our entrepreneurs and investing in the same room for 24 hours with sleeping bags, floor space and gallons of caffeinated beverages.”

To take part in the investor day, registration and payment information can be found here. Compliments of the Unreasonable Institute, NextBillion readers who register to attend will receive a 20 percent discount off the price by using the code: NextBillionDiscount.

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