Ana Escalante

Update: CatComm’s Community Solutions Competition Extended Deadline for Submission

CatComm LogoI wanted to re-post this announcement since the deadline has been extended to September 28, 2007

Catalytic Communities has launched a competition in which participants will help identify creative, community-based solutions to challenges in Education & Skill-building, and Business & Economy. The deadline to post your project is September 14, 2007.

The projects sent to the Community Solutions Database will join the “growing global network of grassroots projects, many of them small-scale, but which together have the potential to transform the world. Through the CatComm Network, all projects get translated to three languages initially. They are then communicated to our 6000+ member network, including community leaders, journalists, volunteers, and potential funders.”By posting your local solutions to the Community Solutions Database you will be:

  • Showcasing your community and city’s grassroots efforts to the world.
  • Inspiring people elsewhere to make a difference and learn through your community’s example.
  • Broadening the visibility of your local efforts around the world.
  • Attracting support from people in your town and around the world who learn about your efforts and want to help them grow.

If your project is contributing to solving at least one community challenge in the areas of education, skill-building, business, or employment; it was initiated by a member of the community it serves; and if your project serves as a positive example to community change–then your project qualifies! Do not hesitate to post it!